Operational Update 2019-05-10

Operational Update

As of 5/10/2019

Transportation status

  • Independence Parkway remains open to all traffic.
  • Tidal Road along the tank farm is open to essential personnel / equipment only.

Terminal Operational Status

  • ITC continues to make progress to restore terminal operations.
  • All tanks in the impacted tank farm have been cleaned to the extent feasible. Clean-up efforts on the waterways are finishing and crews have demobilized.
  • The wastewater plant discharge has been re-established.
  • All ITC docks have been released for use.
  • Rail and truck activity has resumed.

In the next 24-36 hours, ITC expects to begin deconstruction of tank 80-15, which was damaged during the fire that occurred at ITC Deer Park on March 17th.

Although many safety precautions are being taken in advance, the possibility exists for small, short duration flash fires and increased emissions in the impacted tank farm during this work.  A fully dedicated firefighting team will be at the work area for the duration of the work.  In addition, we continue to deploy numerous mobile air monitoring equipment and personnel to closely monitor and react to any safety concerns that may arise inside or outside of the impacted tank farm.  Air monitoring in the downwind community has not stopped since it was implemented on March 17, 2019.

An additional notification will be issued via e-notify to the surrounding industrial neighbors approximately 2 hours before the work begins.