Media Release # 21

This is a 10:00 AM update regarding the fire at Intercontinental Terminals Company (ITC) LLC in La Porte, Texas:

Overnight, significant progress has been made in the effort to remove Pyrolysis Gas (Pygas) from tank 80-7. By 2:00 AM crews had removed 12,647 barrels of the product.  Pumping operations reached a peak rate of 1700 barrels per hour. Crews are working to remove the remaining liquid.

Vacuuming operations continue at the ditch adjacent to the tank farm and will continue until the product is removed. As of 6:30 AM this morning, approximately 650 barrels of product were removed from the ditch. Approximately 2080 barrels of product have been removed from Tucker Bayou.

Air monitoring has been conducted in the community continuously since March 17, and any hazardous levels or parameters are being reported immediately to Unified Command and disseminated to stakeholders and local authorities for appropriate community response actions.

Product level inside the tank farm secondary containment area is down from a level of 2 feet on Saturday morning to 2 inches on Sunday morning.

We are rolling out a new web site to help disseminate accurate and timely information. The new site is

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