Media Release #28

HOUSTON – The 2nd 80’s Fire Response Unified Command continued cleanup operations, environmental assessment

Public Health & Safety

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the United States Environmental Protection Agency continue to monitor air quality near the ITC facility as well as in the community using portable monitors.

Air quality monitoring will continue for the duration of the cleanup operation. Air quality updates as well as a map showing the location and extent of monitoring are available at:, posted daily.


Environmental Impact

As of 7 a.m. this morning, wildlife observers confirmed an additional bird and four fish deceased as a result of the ITC incident. In total, the confirmed wildlife deaths are two red-eared slider turtles, three birds and eight fish.

Unified Command conducted an overflight at 11 a.m. on March 29, 2019, to observe areas impacted by the ITC fire. Impacted areas remain unchanged from the March 28 overflight, which included: the Battleship Texas area, the oyster beds located in Burnett Bay, Carpenters Bayou, Crystal Bay Marsh, Old River, Patrick Bayou, Santa Anna Bayou, the western shore of the mouth of the San Jacinto River, Tucker Bayou, and the Intercontinental Terminals Company, LLC (ITC) docks.

More than 100,000 feet of containment boom remains deployed in the waters of the impacted areas. A boom is a physical barrier placed in the water to reduce the risk of impacting sensitive areas and shorelines, and assists when recovering product from the water.

To view a map showing the extent and location of containment boom placement as well as drone footage, visit: .


Operational Update

As of 6 a.m. on March 28, 28,528 barrels (1.2 million gallons) of oily water mix have been removed from the waterways. From the tank farm, 35,724 barrels (approximately 1.5 million gallons) of product mixed with water and firefighting foam have been removed.

Seven of the 15 tanks involved in the incident are secured. Responders are currently removing product from tanks 80-2 and 80-3. Once those tanks are secured, product removal from tanks 80-5 and 80-6 will begin.

Response personnel are still applying foam to the containment area as needed to maintain a sufficient foam level in the tank farm.

Community Impact

Residents and businesses impacted by the ITC fire may still submit claims. Forms are available for download at: Once completed, forms can be emailed to or sent by postal mail to:

ITC Claim
March 17, 2019 Incident
PO Box 698
Deer Park, Texas  77536

A claims phone hotline is also available at: 346-263-9766. The hotline is staffed from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For more information on the cleanup effort as it becomes available, visit or follow us on twitter at @CaresITC.

For more information contact:

Joint Information Center: 832-780-6739