Media Release 05-24-2019

Public Information Officer Update


For Immediate Release

Intercontinental Terminals Company (ITC) has begun evaluating and paying claims related to the March 17, 2019 fire at ITC terminals in Deer Park, Texas. First and foremost, as we continue the deconstruction and remediation process in the impacted tank farm, the safety of our community, our employees and work crews is ITC’s top priority. We continue to coordinate with local, state and federal officials and first responders, and thank them for their continued support.

As to the claims process, individuals who lived or worked in Deer Park during the incident can file a claim for out-of-pocket medical expenses related to the incident or hourly workers’ lost wages for missed work because of shelter-in-place orders. Individuals with health claims may receive up to $750 and will need to provide medical records of diagnostic evaluation, or treatment specific to the ITC incident, sought and received between March 17 and 24, 2019. Hourly workers who missed work due to shelter-in-place orders in Deer Park on March 17 and March 21, 2019 may receive up to $500, and would need to provide a signed letter from their employer, and their most recent pay stub or earnings statement, to show they were unable to work. Individuals will also need to provide a sworn statement that they were present in Deer Park during the incident.

For additional details on the claims process, forms and required documentation, please visit, thank you.