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Public Service Announcement-What is a shelter-in-place warning?

HOUSTON, March 31, 2019 – You’ve heard a lot recently about shelters-in-place, but do you know who has the authority to issue that warning or what you should do? A shelter-in-place warning for a community can only be issued by the local emergency management authority, such as a mayor or county judge. Simply put, a shelter-in-place warning means to stay indoors until you are told the danger has past. When a warning is issued, residents should listen closely to any special instructions given, but in general, residents should close all windows and exterior doors, and shut off air conditioning units. If you’re concerned and want to know if a shelter-in-place warning is issued for our community, visit the emergency management office for your city or county.


Public Service Announcement: Fishing Advisory

HOUSTON, March 30, 2019 – Recreational fishing is a fun weekend past time and seafood makes a delicious dinner. But, do you know where you should and should not fish in Texas, and especially the Houston area? Consider this… the Texas Department of State Health Services issued a 2013 fishing advisory for the Houston Ship Channel, still in effect today, advising people to limit of avoid the consumption of all species of fish and blue crab from the Houston Ship Channel, the San Jacinto River below the Lake Houston Dam and all contiguous waters north of Highway 146. To learn more about fishing advisories or to find safe fishing locations, visit  and look for the “Advisories, Bans & Maps” tab on the left.